Searching for a nearby handyman? One of our company's mottos is "No project too small. "Chicago Handyman Service handles everything, from errands like putting shelves and changing a light fixture to complete kitchen and bathroom upgrades. We are dedicated to utmost professionalism and take great pride in the happiness of our clients.

Why should you choose us?

You will get the greatest service possible if you hire a Chicago handyman, which is the first good reason to do so. You may think that performing your own repairs will guarantee the greatest outcomes, but hiring a Chicago handyman ensures that you'll get a professional service that will give you a superb fix that will last. It's crucial to get high-quality services if you want your house to look beautiful and your appliances to operate as intended.


When you require qualified help with home installations, repairs, and improvements, contact My Handyman Services. We are a Chicago-based business that can assist you with anything you require to improve the quality of life in your home or apartment.

Gutter Cleanout

We offer gutter cleaning and gutter repairs. We can access and clean your gutters using gutter vacuums, cherry pickers, and mobile platforms, depending on your needs. Since Locus is accessible around-the-clock, we may do work outside of your regular office hours.

Yard Clean Up

No matter how big or small your garden is, maintaining it may be labor- and time-intensive. We are aware that individuals take pride in their gardens and work hard to maintain them. This is crucial for your garden's longevity as well as its outward appeal.

Holiday Lighting

This holiday season, are you prepared to grab the attention of onlookers in the street? For all of your holiday lighting needs, rely on Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Our qualified team has a solution that will dazzle and impress even the largest Scrooge, whether you want straightforward roofline lighting on your home or want to completely deck up your resort.

Donation Pick up and Drop off

Chicago handyman can help you with delivering any unwanted household items, clothes, toys, books, and more as charity shops reopen for donation collecting. There isn't a better time to get your items organised and packaged up for collection since everyone is in the middle of spring cleaning. We are aware that filling multiple bags is simple once you get going. You can use Chicago handyman to organise, carry, and deliver all of your charitable offerings.

Air Conditioner Take Down

In the event that your air conditioner has reached the end of its useful life, Chicago Handyman can decommission and remove both large and small units on your behalf. To minimize the impact on your business, contact a member of the team to make a reservation for our after-hours collection service.

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Our values are trust, respect, competence, and curiosity. Our workers are well trained and have a ton of experience. There is nothing that can't be fixed in our relationships with a respectful communication. We are ready to learn something new to improve our work, and it is our power of development. It is our talent: to find a way to help you.